Burnout is a bitch.

Passion is a motivator. Pursuing a passion is supposed to be one of the greatest accomplishments in a lifetime. When reading obituaries it is common to read about what passions helped to shape and fulfill the life of the person lost. Passion is what forces action, compassion, and change. However, it is important to remember … Continue reading Burnout is a bitch.

The Nursing Club: Trial by fire.

I have never been a person who sought out being a member of a peer group. I identify as an extrovert loner (shut up, that's a thing). Every aspect of the nursing profession has challenged my typical social position. Once I entered nursing school I was forced into becoming a member of a very elite … Continue reading The Nursing Club: Trial by fire.

Confessions of an RN: We are only human.

The nursing profession is complex. We do try to be the people our patients need and deserve but we are only human. There were plenty of examples of RNs showing their humanity... here's a few. - We probably don't practice what we preach. An RN has the responsibility to promote the highest level of health … Continue reading Confessions of an RN: We are only human.