Baby Shark is Mommy-Kryptonite.

It's a tale as old as time. An obnoxious, repetitive, meaningless children's song is released and suddenly every toddler within earshot becomes obsessed. Obsessed isn't the right word… possessed might better capture the phenomenon. The Baby Shark craze has hit my home like a toddler tsunami. At any given time, a peaceful moment can be … Continue reading Baby Shark is Mommy-Kryptonite.

The anticipation of the holidays comes earlier each year. After Independence Day, it's game on for Christmas. The build up can be stressful, joyous, and exciting. It is not uncommon to find yourself wrapped up (see what I did there?) in our personal holiday experience. However, it is vitally important to remember those who struggle … Continue reading

Burnout is a bitch.

Passion is a motivator. Pursuing a passion is supposed to be one of the greatest accomplishments in a lifetime. When reading obituaries it is common to read about what passions helped to shape and fulfill the life of the person lost. Passion is what forces action, compassion, and change. However, it is important to remember … Continue reading Burnout is a bitch.