Taking a stand: Screw pumpkin spice.

Autumn is right around the corner. We are all eagerly awaiting bonfires, crisp air, falling leaves, and flannel shirts. But there is a significant dividing factor that pops up during this season. No, not election season, its pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice might be the most polarizing flavor of all time. You either love it or … Continue reading Taking a stand: Screw pumpkin spice.

Ode to Dry Shampoo

I am a greasy lady.   I sweat while sitting.  I sweat a shit-ton when stressed.   When I work out, forget about it.  In my younger days I was a two-shower-a-day lady.    In high school/college I could have easily supplied enough moisture to function as a household humidifier.  Marriage, big-girl job, and three … Continue reading Ode to Dry Shampoo