If you are going to take a “No Makeup Selfie” take off your damn makeup.

Summer has been in full swing now and another round of no makeup selfies has begun. Women of social media have been posting photos with the tag #nomakeup in droves. The posts garner plenty of attention and seem to fulfill one need or another. There is always an excuse as to why it is vitally … Continue reading If you are going to take a “No Makeup Selfie” take off your damn makeup.

Why is this even a thing?

As an adult (ok, adultish) woman I often question the trends that go around regarding social media. Chain letter messages, like = 1 prayer, share this post and you'll get a portion of a lottery win... all that bullshit. I've been a member of social media since it's infancy of MySpace. When Facebook came around … Continue reading Why is this even a thing?

When a “beauty specialist” reveals your “level of aging”.

I am not a woman who puts a lot of value in makeup. It is more of a nuisance to me than a necessity. That being said, makeup has its place. I would feel foolish walking into a big event without a few strokes of mascara and a dash of color. Because of this, I … Continue reading When a “beauty specialist” reveals your “level of aging”.

Bangs: The struggle is real. 

  I believe the trauma of my bangs experience goes back to the very early 2000s.  This was the era of large curled bangs that required at least one can of shellac daily.   I was young, and my bangs had to be all the rage.   I had the biggest and most perfectly curled bangs... until … Continue reading Bangs: The struggle is real. 

Ode to Dry Shampoo

I am a greasy lady.   I sweat while sitting.  I sweat a shit-ton when stressed.   When I work out, forget about it.  In my younger days I was a two-shower-a-day lady.    In high school/college I could have easily supplied enough moisture to function as a household humidifier.  Marriage, big-girl job, and three … Continue reading Ode to Dry Shampoo