Why is this even a thing?

As an adult (ok, adultish) woman I often question the trends that go around regarding social media. Chain letter messages, like = 1 prayer, share this post and you’ll get a portion of a lottery win… all that bullshit.

I’ve been a member of social media since it’s infancy of MySpace. When Facebook came around it felt as if I had become a member of the adult social media community (now this was when Facebook required a college email address and invitation to join, you know, before 12-year olds with gangsta profiles and Catfish). It was a cool way to keep tabs on people from the past and a better way to waste an hour of free time.

Now that I am officially adultish, social media has turned into a resource to connect with extended family, friends, and share life events. I enjoy seeing updates on long lost college friends and connecting with other adultish women in my community.

Then Snapchat happened. Somehow perfectly normal people stopped having legitimate pictures of themselves and families and started only displaying highly over filtered snaps. Faces are dramatically distorted, fake makeup is passed off as reality, and people are turning into sparkling animals.

The sheer number of these pictures blows my mind. I’m all in for fun but the constant bombardment of these photos has caused me to develop an extremely jaded view of the entire trend.

There is a strange sexualization of these images. It’s as if everyone has a suppressed furry fetish that is only expressed via these filters. The comments on these photos can get downright dirty.

Honestly people, these images are tolerable only in extreme moderation. Stop it.

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