Punch Today In The Face!


I usually go through the work week at a steady-eddy pace measured by “Yay! The kids haven’t had an ER visit all week”, to trying to use moderation in calories and wine (lolololol!).

But this week was different.

Tuesday (not Monday because I am not that much of an over achiever) I walked into the gym and said to all my fellow gym buddies “We’re going to punch today in the face!” They gave me an agreeable nod and a little laugh and BOOM, we killed our workout! It was the most fun I have had since I started going there over a month ago. The energy was contagious and we were all a little lighter it seemed. Now, I was pleased as a cat with a mouse and decided that this week I was going to reach at least one of my weekly goals, for once. I usually set plenty and accomplish few. You should know, I am an excellent procrastinator and goals are something that I set with well-intentions but not a lot of actual follow through. Probably because of my intake of calories and wine. (Cheers!)

But not today. I shit you not, I actually did it! High fives, my friend! I actually hit my gym goal for the first time in months. I hurt everywhere and I have downed enough ibuprofen to kill a horse in an effort to use my arms again BUT, I did it! I punched this week and my goal straight in the face, and it felt amazing.

I am actually looking forward to next week. Do you believe it? I can’t even believe my own words right now. Who have I turned into?

I plan on starting Tuesday (yeah, still no Mondays for this girl. Ew. Just Ew) with the same force, the same attitude and maybe I will even add something to this. No promises. One thing at a time, ya know?

Stay tuned for next week. I will update you on if I crashed and burned or if I rose up and brought the heat. Now excuse me as I go punch this weekend in the face next…

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