There is no need to be a complete twatwaffle.

This is my callout to all the unaware (or maybe aware but until now not so caring) twatwaffles of the world. Knock it off. Collaborate with the women around you. Hold in the passive- aggressive bullshit. Listen to someone else. Genuinely connect. It's amazing how far not acting like a twatwaffle can get you.

The anticipation of the holidays comes earlier each year. After Independence Day, it's game on for Christmas. The build up can be stressful, joyous, and exciting. It is not uncommon to find yourself wrapped up (see what I did there?) in our personal holiday experience. However, it is vitally important to remember those who struggle … Continue reading

Finally, summer!

Like a long winter that might make you question why you live in such a state, then casually strolls in summer, just in time to remind you it's not so bad.