Honest Mothering: Sometimes it’s ok to suck.

I constantly see articles about "hacks" for moms. These are bullshit. No mom needs to spend their time making "lunchable style sushi" or any other form of trying to cater to their little snowflake at the expense of their personal well-being. Honestly how is adding more time sucking activities to the day at all helpful? … Continue reading Honest Mothering: Sometimes it’s ok to suck.

Sometimes lizards happen. The story of how I ended up being the mother of a dragon.

#1 So it was made apparent to me, by my husband, that our lives have been missing some chaos. A hobby farm, bee keeping, chickens, 2 cats, deaf dog, gardens, maple syrup side hustle, hunting seasons, 2 jobs, 1 wife in school, and 3 kids under 7 was just a touch dull. Obviously, the answer … Continue reading Sometimes lizards happen. The story of how I ended up being the mother of a dragon.

Finally, summer!

Like a long winter that might make you question why you live in such a state, then casually strolls in summer, just in time to remind you it's not so bad.

5 truths of a sick mom.

You're sick. Not the sniffles but full-blown sinus pressure, nausea, body aches, weird drainage, can't think, can't breathe, fever, coughing, sore throat, full-blown exhaustion kind of sick. Basically, you've become a walking receptacle for all germs and your poor immune system is getting its ass kicked. It's not surprising that physical illness inhibits your ability … Continue reading 5 truths of a sick mom.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without sick kids.

Christmas tree, presents, cookies, vomit, boogers, and fevers. All of these things describe Christmas traditions in our home. Since having children we have not experienced a holiday season without a gross illness sweeping through our household. It's as if my family's immune system takes a holiday during Christmas break. Our home echoes with sneezes, coughing, … Continue reading It wouldn’t be Christmas without sick kids.

Stop with the unicorn poop.

I was sitting cuddled on the couch with my 5-year old daughter. It was a cool morning and we were wrapped together under a quilt. I had an oversized mug full of hot coffee and copious amounts of cream. It felt pretty picture perfect. Then it happened. A commercial came on for an ice cream … Continue reading Stop with the unicorn poop.

Presence Not PresentsĀ 

Christmas is full of planning, stress, and obligations. The anxiety of the day can take over rather quickly. The distractions of the holiday details can blur your view of what is truly important. Many times this holiday season I have found myself worrying about preparing to have a perfect day. I worry my children will … Continue reading Presence Not PresentsĀ 

Tonight I cried in front of my kids.

There are days that are more emotionally taxing than others. We've all been in an emotionally vulnerable frame of mind that leaves us exhausted. For me, today was one of those days. Emotional vulnerability is not something I am comfortable with. I prefer to keep my emotions tight-lipped. Honestly, I'd rather have a colonoscopy than … Continue reading Tonight I cried in front of my kids.