Finally, summer!

We had a long, brutal winter. Wisconsin was dealt snow in record numbers, literally! Even as a person who loves snow, my patience was tested.


Here alas, is summer weather. That means sprinklers, hotdogs, freezies, and many sun-induced meltdowns. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Meltdowns. After a day of some serious play time at the pool, or at a bbq with friends, inevitably, the kids hit a wall. The only cure is a nap so hard that a major earthquake couldn’t even wake the child. They insist that they are not tired and have no need for a nap. Ever. Again. But, as a parent, you know better. They have got to go to sleep. And you, mom or dad, go from “There isn’t enough booze in the world to help me recover from that shit show.” to “Oh my gosh, they are so precious when they sleep that I could cuddle them until they’re 18.”

We all know parenting is a roller coaster. Like a long winter that might make you question why you live in such a state, then casually strolls in summer, just in time to remind you it’s not so bad. There IS sunshine. There IS warmth. …and you wouldn’t appreciate one without the other.

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