5 Things I’m Sad I Grew Out Of

On my way to work this morning I had a realization; I have grown out of so many things I used to enjoy and didn’t even realize it.

1. Wacky invention ideas

On the daily, I would come up with random ideas or inventions. Some I have actually seen come to life.

2. Designing random things

I drifted into deep thought one afternoon and thought of all things humans should have. Things like having a neck that can turn 360 degrees, ability to breathe under water by way of an extra set of lungs, hearing abilities of a dog, switching from walking to bounding, ect. I had designed the perfect human in my head. I miss that creativity and wonder I created for myself.

3. Being a contortionist

Let it be known I’ve never been super flexible but that didn’t stop me from trying. For the record, I can still do a damn fine cartwheel and a backflip off a swing.

4. “Knowing” what I would do when I grew up

I was bound and determined to be a veterinarian, or the President of the United States, or a zoo keeper, or a school teacher, or a big time CEO with a huge office with windows on 2 of the 4 walls. It changed depending on the mood but, without a doubt, I KNEW that’s what I would be.

5. Buying ALL candy that I wanted

I vividly remember telling this to a neighbor lady once and she responded with “you might change your mind about that when you get older.” I thought to myself, “there is no way that would ever happen!”

It’s funny how things turn out, isn’t it?

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