Bandwagon feminism can make you a hypocrite.

Making fun of a a woman for her fashion choice is not feminism.

Let’s start out with some basics. Definitions are important because in many situations definitions are tailored to fit the needs of the agenda being pushed.

Feminism as defined by Merriam-Webster:1the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

Hypocrisy as defined by Merriam-Webster:1a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

Bandwagon as defined by Merriam-Webster: 2a popular party, faction, or cause that attracts growing support —often used in such phrases as jump on the bandwagon 3a current or fashionable trend

That should make things pretty clear for the remainder of the article.

In recent years there has been an increased emphasis on bringing awareness to many different issues in feminism. Women are learning, speaking up, speaking out, and beginning to no longer tolerate many of the long standing standards that today are known to perpetuate a system of inequality.

For many women this way of thinking is new and is requiring some adjustment. The problem is a tendency to follow and join the bandwagon, instead of taking time to evaluate personal morals and ethics to form independent opinions.

Here’s where problems form. There is a desire for change, passion even. But that passion can be confused, manipulated, or even taken advantage of when it is in its infancy.

This year’s Superbowl performance is a perfect example. As a woman, if you did not love the performance in its entirety you were labeled as against women empowerment, anti-feminist, and even racist. *On a personal note, the dancing and skills were incredible. The up the crotch camera shots did not display any of those talents.*

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were praised for every choice. Their outfits were referred to as empowering and inspirational.

Let’s flashforward to the Oscars. These awards are not my thing and I typically pay no attention. What has caught my attention this year is that the same women who fiercely defend the fashion choices during the Superbowl are engaging in behaviors that tear down women based on their fashion choices. This is hypocrisy.

On one Sunday you cannot fiercely defend the choices of two women that made them feel beautiful and then on the next Sunday make fun and tear down women for choices that made them feel beautiful. This is hypocrisy.

Bandwagon feminism is problematic. You cannot pick and choose when you want to apply your feminist beliefs and when you do not. Feminism also does not mean everyone needs to agree or hold the same moral standards. You can be a feminist and be extremely liberal in your belief system. You can be a feminist and be conservative in your belief system. The important part is consistency. You need to be consistent within your own belief system.

It is not anti-feminist to not fully endorse crotch shots at the Superbowl halftime show. Penis or vagina, not my thing, whatever. It is anti-feminist to switch up your belief system based on which Sunday it happens to be.

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