It’s been a while, friends…

Hey there, you glorious bitches.

Yeah, I bet you didn’t expect this open letter to start that way. I figured since it been more than a hot minute since you’ve heard from me, I should make a splash.

I’ve been MIA with writing and I have a few excuses I could throw out there, but I won’t. You’ve likely had enough outrageous shit thrown your way these last few months (or year).

I’ll keep this one short, mostly because I’m a few drinks in and I start over analyzing my shitting writing after too long. So here’s what I do want to say…

Things are looking up. Believe it, ladies and gents. This time last year we had no ducking (Goddamnit auto correct!) idea what a world of shit we were about to enter. Yet here we are a year later, Covid on the decline, and a whole summer of sunshine ahead of us. Fuck. Yes.

If you’re suffering, I feel ya. How could we not after experiencing a massive loss of so many things, including people around us. If they didn’t die from covid, it’s quite possible you lost some due to a divide that was created based on differing opinions…and that sucks, moreover hurts, deeply.

We freaked out about toilet paper for Christ’s sake. How fucking dumb is that when looking back?

Bleck, I’m getting off topic.

My point for writing is, I’ve missed you. I miss so many things about normal life and it was well over due to let you know that I still love the shot (fuck off autocorrect!) out of you.

TND is here, alive and well. Worse for the wear maybe but you stuck with us. Be it for humor, a place for non-political bullshit, or just because you know us personally, you stayed.

Thank you. We love you. I live (autocorrect, I swear to God!) that you hung in there with us. You really are the reason we have kept on. You helped us through. How can we ever possibly repay you for that?

Ugh, me going on about feelings again. Gross.

I’m going to go back to crying over YouTube vids of backstage Greatest Showman songs, and drinking. Happy Friday, bichachos!

Ps: Really do love you. Muah! ❤

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