Priviledge requires listening.

I am privileged. As a white, straight, middle class Midwestern woman I have not had to fight to gain access to my rights or many of the opportunities that I have accessed.

Honestly, I have no idea what it is like to be discriminated against based on factors far beyond my control. This is my life experience and I am not going to put on a farce that I have some relatable personal struggle that makes me more intune with the struggles of the Black community.

When your lack of personal experience leaves you with knowledge deficits, it is time to step back and listen. Voices are speaking very loudly right now. Voices that have been trying to be heard for longer than I can comprehend. They are speaking about facts that the majority of us are unfamiliar.

My social media feed is full of frustration. I have noticed that frustrations are building regarding the protests, damage, and civil disobedience. It is difficult to comprehend when you lack personnel experience. Now it is time to listen.

Step back. Listen to the voices. Listen to what they are saying. It is always better to listen before you speak, especially right now.

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