Stop with the unicorn poop.

I was sitting cuddled on the couch with my 5-year old daughter. It was a cool morning and we were wrapped together under a quilt. I had an oversized mug full of hot coffee and copious amounts of cream. It felt pretty picture perfect. Then it happened. A commercial came on for an ice cream … Continue reading Stop with the unicorn poop.

Presence Not Presents 

Christmas is full of planning, stress, and obligations. The anxiety of the day can take over rather quickly. The distractions of the holiday details can blur your view of what is truly important. Many times this holiday season I have found myself worrying about preparing to have a perfect day. I worry my children will … Continue reading Presence Not Presents 

When you are only honest in your head: Mental replies versus reality.

We're supposed to be honest. We're also supposed to be nice. Here lies a real dilemma. Many times honesty is not nice. So we find ourselves stuck in a bizarre limbo between what we say and what we actually want to say. For example... Parenting advice: Parenting advice is frequently unsolicited. Unwanted and unneeded advice … Continue reading When you are only honest in your head: Mental replies versus reality.

This is why we can’t have nice things. 

There is a rule in my home regarding the pristine condition of, well, everything.  That rule is that nothing, absolutely nothing, will stay in any form of pristine condition.  Somewhere between all the farm critters, my husband's constant projects, 3 kids, and my own general clumsiness, pristine gets lost.  I have gathered a small body of … Continue reading This is why we can’t have nice things.