If you are going to take a “No Makeup Selfie” take off your damn makeup.

Summer has been in full swing now and another round of no makeup selfies has begun. Women of social media have been posting photos with the tag #nomakeup in droves. The posts garner plenty of attention and seem to fulfill one need or another.

There is always an excuse as to why it is vitally important for these selfies to be shared. Awareness, fundraising, self-acceptance, or whatever. No one ever seems that interested in providing accountability for the results of the hashtag.

There are typically comments about the “bravery” of posting a no makeup photo. Compliments on “true beauty” are quick to follow. Women supporting women stuff. It’s heartwarming, mostly.

Here’s the problem, there are so many #nomakeup selfies that are complete crap. Heavy mascaras, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, and lip stains infiltrate the mix. It is painfully obvious that there is a thick layer of bullshit covering up the original intent of the movement.

With deceptive posts the movement loses its genuineness. It turns into a self-serving drive for social media attention and any good that could have possibly been created is lost. Not to mention the lie is painfully obvious and those photos get more eyerolls than likes.

If you choose to participate simply be authentic. Wash your face and own it.

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