There is no need to be a complete twatwaffle.

Source unknown

We’ve all met her. She’s the woman we’ve all been warned about. The cold hearted twatwaffle who has a primal instinct to destroy anything good around her. She’s socially inappropriate, has poor boundaries, shows no regard for the needs, feelings, or opinions of others and honestly appears to be oblivious to how horrible she truly is.

Why is she like this? Professionally she isolates herself into a corner and creates an atmosphere that is so toxic nothing positive can survive. Coworkers keep more than a professional distance and are sure to not associate their personal accomplishments with any glimmer of her contributions. Socially she creates an environment of mistrust that leads to an infertility of friendships. At times you can witness a form of social desperation and reaching for connections. However, these vulnerabilities are short lived and quickly replaced with self-serving manipulations.

She’s a complete twatwaffle. Not a driven woman who is poorly understood. Not a woman with good intentions. She’s a woman who is toxic and spreads toxicity to others around her.

People like this do not make it far in the long run. Pure twatwaffle behavior might win a sprint but the marathon leaves them gasping in the dust of truly successful women who earned their success through hard work and ethical behavior.

So what’s the motivation? Why would any self respecting woman behave in such a way to portray herself as an emotionless, power obsessed, and petty little twatwaffle? Good question.

I want to give the benefit of a doubt. I want to think that there were good intentions at some point. I want to imagine a situation where all good had to be forsaken for the benefit of the world.

But I’m a realist. I know that people are self serving and rarely think about how their actions will impact other people. When it comes to a complete twatwaffle, if you are not considered a benefit to them, you are considered an annoyance.

I wish we lived in a society where women spent time working together and lifting one another up. Combining strengths and talents instead of tearing down and asserting dominance like a bunch of alley cats just pissing around all day.

This is my callout to all the unaware (or maybe aware but until now not so caring) twatwaffles of the world. Knock it off. Collaborate with the women around you. Hold in the passive- aggressive bullshit. Listen to someone else. Genuinely connect. It’s amazing how far not acting like a twatwaffle can get you.

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