Yesterday’s Make-Up

If you are like me and consider removing make-up before bed completely optional – well girl, you are in the right place! Mornings are not a strong suit of mine. I am a repeat offender of hitting the snooze button.

I maintain the most mediocre bedtime routine possible. Brush teeth, floss (maybe), take vitamins, let hair down, crawl into bed with a movie until I doze off. Never does it occur to me to take my makeup off. Not once does it cross my mind. I imagine every beauty consultant on earth just cluched her pearls and is crying into her breakfast blend coffee right now. I am sorry I am such a disappointment to you.

The next morning…

I pass my husband who smiles and says “Good morning!” to me, I rub my eyes and stumble awkwardly to the bathroom. I look into the mirror. Woof.

Commence with the damage control!

I forget it every night and see the remnants of it every morning. But there’s a little silver lining to waking up looking like a member of the Insane Clown Posse and that is, if you are in a rush, just do a quick swipe under each eye, touch up your mascara and voila! You’re done and on your way out the door looking pretty okay-ish. And  though I can’t speak for you, I am totally cool with okay-ish.

If you regularly take your makeup off at night, I am impressed. I mean, really! Go you for having your life together enough remember these things.

Quick and dirty

For me, nothing compares to Clinique’s Take the Day Off Makeup Remover on two Q-Tips. A warm, damp rag to wipe the residue after that and you are – yes, you are looking damn good! That stuff is the best and here’s a little mom hack for you, it’s awesome at taking off excess wax after doing your eyebrows. Double win, ladies!

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