The anticipation of the holidays comes earlier each year. After Independence Day, it’s game on for Christmas. The build up can be stressful, joyous, and exciting. It is not uncommon to find yourself wrapped up (see what I did there?) in our personal holiday experience. However, it is vitally important to remember those who struggle through the holidays.

For some, the holidays bring a time of grief. A time to reflect of what is missing. The anticipation does not involve celebration, but instead, requires survival strategies. For those of us who are able to fully embrace the holidays it is especially important to remember those who cannot. Embracing those around us means actually seeing those who struggle. Acknowledging the struggle. Providing empathy instead on only sympathy.

At times personal joy can supersede the needs of people around us. Planning a holiday party becomes more important than acknowledging an acquaintance who does not seem to embrace the holiday season. If you know someone who struggles during the holiday season, embrace them. Allow for personal expression. Encourage what makes them happy. Make yourself honestly available. The empty promises and forced sympathy only confound the grief that is beginning to compile.

If you are someone who struggles, I’m sorry. I honestly hope that you are able to minimize the heartache. Reach out if you can. You are loved.
#tirednotdead #christmas #holidays #support #youareloved

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