Burnout is a bitch.

Passion is a motivator. Pursuing a passion is supposed to be one of the greatest accomplishments in a lifetime. When reading obituaries it is common to read about what passions helped to shape and fulfill the life of the person lost. Passion is what forces action, compassion, and change. However, it is important to remember … Continue reading Burnout is a bitch.

The Ultimate “Me Time”: A Kid Free Vacation

Parenting by definition is stressful. Constantly being subjected to the energy sucking nature of kids takes a toll mentally, physically, and emotionally. There reaches a point where you have to make a choice. You have to choose your own well-being above all. For any parent this is by no means an easy task… but it … Continue reading The Ultimate “Me Time”: A Kid Free Vacation

I turned a blizzard into a mini vacation

The forecast said 9-13 inches snow. In Wisconsin that's considered a moderate amount. What was different was this storm was armed with strong winds and was coming for us from mid-morning through the late night, peak travel times. I'm a nurse in a hospital. There is no "calling in" for a snowstorm. If the patients … Continue reading I turned a blizzard into a mini vacation