Tonight I cried in front of my kids.

There are days that are more emotionally taxing than others. We've all been in an emotionally vulnerable frame of mind that leaves us exhausted. For me, today was one of those days. Emotional vulnerability is not something I am comfortable with. I prefer to keep my emotions tight-lipped. Honestly, I'd rather have a colonoscopy than … Continue reading Tonight I cried in front of my kids.

And God Laughed: Taking on church with kids.

Going anywhere with kids is like playing a twisted game of Russian Roulette. When you pull the trigger and leave the house you could end up with a scenario of a gentle adrenaline letdown with an anticlimactic outing or you could experience the unfortunate proverbial bullet. Church is one of those destinations that seems to … Continue reading And God Laughed: Taking on church with kids.

A little gardening saved me.

It was a soft Sunday afternoon when my 3 year old was napping and the Wisconsin summer sun seemed extra warm. Not harsh, just warm. There was a breeze that was so perfect. It was the breeze you only ever read about in a book, never really experiencing (or remembering) the perfection of what the … Continue reading A little gardening saved me.

Things a Stable Marriage Forgives

Every marriage has its high and low points but there are some things that just get forgiven and forgotten. Arguments Living in close quarters with another human is hard. Add kids to the mix and it gets messy fast. Now add a full time job or two (most likely two). Yeah, now we have a … Continue reading Things a Stable Marriage Forgives