Post-Party Hangover: When no more craps are given.

Parties are great. Whatever the occasion, you are celebrating something with the people you care about. Even if that celebration is simply that you are able to spend time together. The amount of preparation, planning, and anxiety associated with the event pays off in love, laughter, and memories. Almost every party has that moment when you can step back and proudly think, “I did it!”

With that much of a high, there eventually has to be a let down. The decorations deteriorate. The food gets that weird crusty film from sitting out all evening. Then, all the guests head home. You are left with a shell of the party you worked so hard to pull off.

Anyone who has hosted a party has likely experienced the Post-Party Hangover. You had a great time, but your energy has been completely sucked by the fun. There is plenty to put away and clean, but you really don’t give a crap. All you can handle at this point is to sit on the couch and turn on some mindless tv show.

Most of my current parties involve a gaggle of children tearing apart the house, squeeling, and leaving food in inappropriate places. My hope is that those kiddos are forming bonds and memories to last a lifetime. However it is these same kiddos that strongly contribute to the hangover effect. Nothing like finding cheese and jello in the bathtub to confirm you threw a good party.

Unlike a traditional hangover, this Post-Party Hangover truly earns you a drink. Sit back, revel in the successes of your efforts, and enjoy that very well deserved drink. Once the hangover wears off, you can tackle the mess.

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