Single Moms, I don’t know how you do it because this is freaking hard.

Having kids can be a parasitic relationship. Kids feast on your energy, drain your resources, and deeply compromise your mental health status. These little mites create an environment of chaos.

Sometimes I find myself throwing a pity party for one when the stresses of the day simply become overwhelming. I might even put together a humorous social media post about whatever the current child made disaster is that has descended on my home. This scenario recently became a reflective moment for me.

It has been a hard day, harder than most. I ended the day with a sarcastic and funny post, my favorite inappropriate coping skill. In the morning my phone was buzzing with notifications.

Then I noticed someone who made a comment offering support and pledging her mom-tribe loyalty. I know her outside of the social media abyss and I know that she is raising her children as a single mom with no outside support.

It was a gut-check. At the end of the day I might feel beaten down but I do have a direct support system in my husband. Of course he’s not perfect, no one is. But he can listen, provide adult conversation, and allow me a much needed break.

I honestly have no idea how I would manage parenthood and keep any level of sanity if I was doing this alone.

To all the single moms out there, you are amazing. Props to you for handling all the extras that life throws you and doing it with grace. I am fully in awe of all of you. If you ever need a cheerleader, or a break, just ask.

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