This is why we can’t have nice things 2.0


Many of us spend more time with our co-workers than we spend with our actual family. So, from time to time I try to do something nice for them. You know, to make the majority of my day more pleasant for them and myself.

Mirror quotes

I started writing quotes on the mirror in the staff women’s restroom. I kept it on the DL for the first few weeks since didn’t know how it would go over. I figured if someone was offended that I “vandalized” the bathroom mirror with quotes of affirmation and inspiration, I could stop before it got out that is was me.

Turned out, the ladies really like it.

I go in every morning, Monday through Friday, I tiptoe down and write something that I think the staff will like. Sometimes it’s funny, or uplifting, or just plain relatable, but never is it ever close to offensive. That defeats the whole purpose. It has gotten out that I have been the one writing the quotes, and for the most part, I have received a lot of positive feedback. The ladies have started looking forward to reading the “message of the day” and I love hearing them say that.

In a strange twist, my own vandalization has been vandalized itself. Talk about ironic.

Someone on a couple of occasions gets uppity and erases it. They smear the words off the mirror, leaving nothing more than the dry erase residue behind with a hint of disrespect and hurt feelings. So what propels someone to not only erase what I have written, but smear it off in such a way that it advertises it as a provoked act? I’ve got nothing here.

Why you gotta be so rude?

(Have fun getting that song out of your head now)

Here are my thoughts as to the desecration of my simple gesture:

  • They are on the wrong side of it
    • I wrote one about respect that was erased/smeared, the act was disrespectful in itself. Interesting…
  • They don’t believe in it
    • Perhaps that quote holds a bad memory somehow and it’s too much for them to bear
      • If that’s the case, I am sorry , dear mystery person, and I would be happy to write something else, just let me know
  • They don’t like me
    • They know it’s me and get satisfaction knowing that they can anonymously be a jerk and ruin what I wrote for them
      • Honestly, I totally get it. It’s the perfect crime. But I would never, ever do that to someone either. So, if you’re reading this–knock it off. I am seriously annoyed with you and your lack of being a freaking grown up about this

What the vandal doesn’t know about me

I don’t care about you. You are being rude, disrespectful, and petty. I don’t write these things for you. I write this for the staff that likes to be reminded that they are great, that they are more wonderful than they give themselves credit for, that they deserve to read nice things about themselves. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with being reminded that someone cares enough to write a little message of happiness for everyone to enjoy? Even you. Why do you hate that?

Come forward, comrad, here’s an olive branch

Let’s talk, my friend. I know we can be better to each other. I don’t want you to erase my messages and you don’t want me to write an entire article about you. We are better women than this. I know we are. I am here to talk whenever you are ready. No hard feelings, I pinky promise.

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