Back on the Bandwagon


I weighed myself today. I knew I was gaining weight since my pants were getting tight. Even my fat pants stopped lying to me about my waist line.

I was pretty unhappy and shocked seeing the number that was on the scale. “Wow, I’ve really been away from the gym too long. Damn.”

So, here I go back to the gym, back to food logging, back to focusing only on myself for 1 hour a day. That last part doesnt sound so bad except I am sweating like I just finished sprinting a marathon. I sweat a lot when I work out. Not a pretty sweat, but like a “Are you going to be okay?”  asked by perfect strangers- kind of sweat.

After a hard workout I always feel like a rock star though. I just kicked my own butt and I did it at 5am. “Anything else you want to hand out today, world, becuase I am feeling pretty damn good right now.”


I need a plan, but importantly, I need a reward. This is where I always seem to have the trouble. I can’t justfy spending more money on myself for doing something that is just so basic. Working out should be an essential but I consider it sort of a luxury (Confused by that? Yeah, welcome to my brain.) For example, I love massages, but it’s not enough of a goal to get me out of bed in the morning. I need something better, something bigger, something more…meaningful? I have never been able to think of a good enough prize that will get me up and moving early. If you have any ideas, I am all ears.

So, here’s my game plan for getting back to an acceptable body image:

  1. Find my reward
  2. Learn about counting macros
  3. Count said Macros
  4. Work out 3+ times a week
  5. Quick drinking during the week
  6. No really, quit drinking during the week
  7. For reals right now, no booze
  8. Get a timeline in place
  9. Claim this body back in both scale and non-scale victories

Wish me luck and maybe say a little prayer or something too.


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