Dentists: After a 11 year Hiatus, I relented.

I have dental issues. Not teeth issues so much, but dental issues. Way back when, I had a total jerk for a orthodontist who tramatized me. I’m now to the point where I have developed such bad anxiety I need heavy sedation just at the simple thought of a teeth cleaning. I made it 11 years until one day, I saw something that looked suspiciously like a cavity.  I finally broke down. 11 years of staying as far away from a dentist as possible, I relented and made an appointment.

The day came (about 2 months later) and I made it out alive and to my surprise, was cavity free. The appointment went fine. Just kidding. It was awful. Not because of them but because my anxiety kicked into high gear.

It sucks having to be a grown up when you feel like a scared kid. I’ll tell you what though, it won’t be another 11 years before they see me again. I’m conquering this thing about every 6 months from here on out.

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