We are who we are: The women of tired not dead are…

-We’re moms who don’t have clean floors.

We have too many animals, including children, to swiffer 40 times a day. The paw prints will have to wait for another day. Likely when we will have company over.

-We don’t have clean ovens.

We cook too much and eat too much to worry about it. That is, until we start a grease fire.

-Laundry is always a stress point.

There are too many in this household to possibly keep up. Maybe if we shipped our kids to boarding school and worked part time, could we actually catch up. Doubtful, but maybe.

-We play first.

We play. Then we play some more. We would rather be outside playing with the kids than inside cleaning up the dog hair, spilled milk and dirty dishes that await us. No regrets. …until the next morning that is.

-We work hard, then have drinks.

We work crazy hours. We bring home a little bit of money and even less patience. Still, we change the kids into their favorite pajamas (for the third time in one night), kiss them on the head, send them back to bed and sit, only to be jealous of the cuddle time their pillow gets compared to us. So, we pour ourselves a drink or two and try not to miss them so much.

-Tired. We’re tired.

Going to bed is a struggle and so is getting up. We’re propetually in a state of exhaustion. If we did get a nap, we look fondly back on it for weeks referring to it as “the good day”.

-We wonder what “normal” is.

A myth. Normal is a myth. No one, no family, no child, no parent is normal. We’re all flying by the seat of our pants trying to keep our kids from biting their classmates in school, or some other such nonsense they are putting us through.

We are the women of Tired Not Dead.

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