The Mom Comp

There we are sitting around the kitchen island gabbing our usual gab. It progressively turns into show and tell of our most epic mom fails. This is why we get along. This is our mom tribe and so begins, the mom comp.

As we sit snacking and enjoying a cocktail we talk about the latest $#itshow our kids have put on for us. We’ve covered it all from bumps and bruises to ER visits, to farm animal mishaps, to the latest nasty-gram from school. These comparisons are our release from the stresses of parenting. We laugh at them and occasionally one-up each other with another story.

To all the moms out there who have chaotic lives and struggle with the juggle (and jiggle) know you’re not alone. You. Are. Not. Alone. Take time to have a cocktail and few laughs with your friends. You deserve it and more importantly, you need it.

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