Instant dislike: Just admit it’s a thing.

There are people you meet in life that you simply have an instant connection with. Certain vibes click and your impression of that person is solidified. Typically people talk about this connection as a positive one but the negative is just as prevalent.

Sometimes you meet someone that you simply detest. They have not done anything offensive or caused any issue in your life but here you are trying to stifle the urge to facilitate a series of unfortunate events in their life.

Instant dislike is clearly frowned upon throughout society. We are supposed to embrace everyone we meet with an open mind. This causes those experiencing the negative vibes to try and overcome what they are feeling. You seek out any positives in a person you can find but typically it is to no avail.

This situation becomes more complicated when this person you instantly dislike runs in your social circle. Your nemesis ends up showing up at some really inconvenient times like barbeques, birthday parties, and adult nights out. They are inescapable.

The mature thing to do is tolerate their presence while doing some undetectable internal eye rolls. Life usually has a way of filtering undesirable people out of our lives. Hopefully being patient will work in your favor. If not, I’m pretty sure wine will help.

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