I hope you’re ok: An open letter to those who struggle on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has come and gone. The remnants of the day can still be found in the wilting flowers, Hallmark cards, and brunch leftovers. Another less talked about Mother’s Day residue is the remaining negative feelings that some people experience.

Mother’s Day can be difficult for a lot of different reasons. The struggles of infertility, child loss, loss of a mother figure, or damaged relationships can create a day full of constant reminders of pain.

The build up of the impending holiday creates a mountain of stress. Now that the holiday has passed there can be a descent from the mountain and a hopeful return to normality.

However it is vital that the pain experienced on Mother’s Day be acknowledged. Because of the positive intentions of the holiday those who suffer often suffer in silence. Living with an unspoken pain is an undeserved burden to carry.

Acknowledgment allows vindication of pain. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is all that can be offered. Recognition of the feelings and needs of those who experience sadness while others experience joy allows a release of a part of the burden of pain.

For those reading this who identify with feelings of emotional isolation on Mother’s Day, I hope you’re ok. I hope you know that you are seen, you are thought of, and your pain is acknowledged.

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