I can’t help but laugh when asked for parenting advice. 

I have three kids. A 5-year old boy, 4-year old girl, and a 1-year old girl.   Others frequently assume I have figured out a few things in regards to parenting.   This entire notion is humorous. 

My parenting skill is far from expert.   Asking me for advice on raising children is like asking my toddler to balance a checkbook.   I can fumble around for answers but it will quickly become clear that I am clueless.   

I have been asked for advice on everything from breastfeeding, to sleep schedules, to basic behavioral issues.   The best I can do is fully admit everything I have tried, what ultimately failed, and what worked out.    

The only parenting evolution I have experienced is developing the understanding that I will always have shortcomings.  I can better serve as a cautionary tale, than any form of parenting idol.  

My kids are healthy and happy, but that is more luck than skill.   I figure at this point my current level of “flying by the seat of my pants” has worked so I might as well keep at it.   Now, if you want advice on wine or food, we should talk.  

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