The Epic Hell of Doing Something “Fun” as a Family

Most “fun” things I plan and do with my family usually turn into complete dumpster fire. I started making Monday nights “Family Night” and it has been a huge hit, sort of.

It is something we’ve (Me) begun to look forward to…sort of.

The Rules

There are only two rules to family night: No Tech–meaning phones or TV (unless specially sanctioned as a family night activity) and no cooking. I proclaimed this day as one to have as little stress as possible. (lololol!) I’m so naive.

It Begins…

It almost always starts with whining and complaining that the kids don’t want to leave the house OR that they DO want to leave the house. The battle of wills is off to a perfect start. Inevitably, after about 45 seconds of my eye rolling, I start threatening to cancel birthdays, play dates, or anything that I think they might enjoy (insert mom guilt at the end of the night. Fo sho!) and about 30 minutes later we’re finally beginning a night full of well-intentioned…regrets.

Let’s Do This!

Sometimes we go out to the kids’ favorite restaurant, other times, we play a game or Legos on the living room floor. The (supposed) fun of a family night is that we only make plans earlier that day at best. I LOVE spontaneity! I look forward to it mostly because I don’t have to cook. IF we happen to have fun, I consider that as an added bonus but not a deal maker or breaker.

Let’s Go In Public!
(Worst Idea Ever) 
What Could Possible Go Wrong? 
(Everything, You Idiot!)

So, we go out, it usually starts off great. We get there and the kids are engaged, having fun, and I can finally take a breath. Then the fighting, the hitting, the screaming, and the mess-making shenanigans commence. Stress, embarrassment, and threats usually follow not too far behind.

We’re Not Winning Any Awards Over Here

We always go into this with good intentions, and a spark of hope that it doesn’t turn into some World War III kind of shit show, but sometimes, the worst happens. Other nights, we have a total blast and reconnect as a family. It all depends on, well, everything.

Try It!

Overall, it has been fun and we’ve learned a lot from each other with the “No Tech” rule, especially. You know, because we actually had to try and listen to what the other person was saying and stuff? Impressive, I know!

Truth be told…

…I love family night and all the chaos that comes with it.

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