Product Review: Wantable

If you read my article “Favorite Discoveries of 2018” you may have found some new things to try. Well, here’s another, Wantable.

This company is out of Milwaukee, WI. They are the Stitch Fix of workout clothes and athleisure wear. I quickly found out that it is one of many companies that offer this. There are several that pop up in my news feed now.

By the way, I roll my eyes every time I have to write or say “athleisure”.

I just received my first box from them a couple of weeks ago and they nailed it! The items were from quality brands like Beyond Yoga, Shape, and some new ones I’m not familiar with.

These brands that this box is packed with aren’t cheap, they are definitely on the pricier side. Beyond Yoga seems especially inflated for their simple designs. If you believe that if you’re going to pay over $100 for yoga leggings, that they better be doing your dishes, this isn’t the box for you. I might recommend Fabletics to you if you are looking for something a bit more affordable without going super cheap on quality. I will grant Beyond Yoga’s fabrics are nice though.

I don’t wear a lot of color, especially in workout clothes. I’m most comfortable in black. I might switch up the color my tops but that’s about it. However, they offer plenty of color choices if that is something you prefer. Both in leggings and tops.

They don’t just offer workout clothes though, they offer fashion as well. This is fun to shop and “request” what you would like in your next box. Better yet, you can decline styles that you have no interest in. Pretty fun.

Once you get your box, you have 5 days to choose what you want to keep or send back. The Fab Fit Fun style box only gives you three days to choose. Lastly, the bag from Wantable is USPS so you can put it right in your mailbox rather than going to a FedEx or UPS drop off facility. Slick!

Let us know if you try either and what your experience has been. I am always looking for something new.

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