Don’t share that, you look stupid.

“I bet none of my friends will share this…” This phrase seems to pull at the share buttons of thousands of unsuspecting people. It never fails, I open my social media and damnit, it’s full of this bullshit.

Let’s take a long, hard look at these posts and the obvious reasons they are nothing but clickbait.

Jesus doesn’t want you to share that post.

We’ve all seen them. Those annoyingly caucasian images of Jesus filling in the gaps of our social media timelines.

You are led to believe that sharing this post will bring joy to Jesus himself and share the word of God with the masses of godless souls scrolling through social media.

God works in mysterious ways… but none of those strategies involve sharing a “Jesus post” that, honestly, looks and sounds like blind bible thumping. You have shared nothing of value. You have helped no one. God is not impressed by the action of pressing the “share” button. If you want to share the word of God, get off your butt and do something about it.

If you actually know anything about the word of God, you would realize that celebrating the false idol of a shared post makes you a damn idiot.

No one is giving the sick kid a dollar a share.

Unless the post is from a legitimate campaign fundraising website, no one is getting a single cent from your share… at least not the person who is actually in need.

There is no actual tracking method for the number of shares a post receives. It’s way more complicated than you would expect.

If you truly think little Jimmy is going to get a new kidney because you shared a photo of him, think again. The majority of those photos are stolen and utilized without the permission of the person in the photo or their family. You are sharing the photo of a child that is being used to gain attention to a site that is utilizing that image for personal gain.

Think about that a minute. Imagine your child is sick. You take a picture that is uploaded to social media. Then, some asshole steals that image, rebrands it and uses it to gain attention. Someone is using your child’s suffering as a marketing ploy.

These posts are truly heartless. God help you if you shared a Jesus post and one of these at the same time. You are really pushing that “forgiveness of all sins” line to its ultimate limit.

No one who won the lottery is splitting it with you.

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do? I bet it would be to post a picture to social media and offer all the members of the internet to share in your good fortune. You would piss away the money and personally deliver it to the thousands of strangers who shared your post.

I bet you can see how stupid that sounds. Now you can also see how stupid that looks.

Let me explain this simply. These posts come from pages that profit from the amount of “interactions” they receive. Likes, comments, shares all count towards these interactions and improve the way the social media overlords promote these pages. Promoted pages gain advertisers. Advertisers pay those running the profile money. So, shared posts = money.

You are not spreading the good word, saving a sick child, or getting your piece of any pie. You are helping unknown entities profit on your naivety. Stop it, you look stupid.

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