How New Year’s Eve changes after you have kids.

New Year’s Eve used to be a big deal. In my younger years plans were laid out weeks ahead of time. It felt important to really nail the whole New Year’s thing in order for the upcoming year to get off on the right foot.

As the years have gone by a lot of things have changed. Most drastically is the addition of a crew of miniature human beings that I am legally obligated to care for… and that I love. The amount of prep it would take to organize a traditional New Year’s celebration is simply too much work and I’m too tired.

As I’m wandering through the grocery store, picking up supplies for the new normal version of our New Year’s, I started to contemplate the specifics of how this party has changed for my husband and me since we had kids.

The “invited guests” all live here.

The guest list has become incredibly limited. My children, my husband and myself told out the entire party.

The evening’s attire has become a whole lot more casual.

The heels can stay in the closet. This entire crew is going to be rocking pajamas and fuzzy socks.

“Midnight” becomes a flexible term.

No one cares if the cork pops off the sparkling grape juice at 8pm… they can’t tell time.

The hors d’oeuvres are less involved.

Kids are impressed by pretty much anything. Serving macaroni and cheese in fancy cups seems to do the trick.

The crazy antics are caused less by alcohol and more by childhood inhibitions.

Children require no liquid courage to keep a party interesting. Bathing suit Twister in the living room and the winner gets cheese… I am SO in.

Your New Year’s kiss might contain more drool than you would expect.

Kissing always runs the risk of drool… but when kids are involved it is almost guaranteed that “sloppy” is going to be an accurate description.

Regardless of how New Year’s Eve has changed it doesn’t lessen the enjoyment of the night. Spending time with those I love is the best way to ring in the new year… even if it’s at 8pm.

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