Yeah I love you, but more importantly, I like you.

The hubs and I have been a thing for a long time now. Sometimes it feels longer and than others but nonetheless, I have always liked him. That may sound small but hear me out.

He still makes me laugh. I like him for that.

We have two awesome kiddos together. I love him for that.

He’s seen me at my very worst and yet, will still try to grab my butt. I like him for that.

On our only real vacation (about 2 years ago) we had the best time-together. I like him for that.

We bought our first house together when we were young and broke. I like him for that.

Never drinks my last beer. I like him for that.

When he cleans, he does it all wrong. But he tries. I like him for that.

He always seems to smell good. I like him for that.

His eyes are something out of a book-striking might be a way to describe them. I like him for that.

I will stop there but you get the gist. There is only one thing that is deeper than it all, and that is our kids. Everything else can fade so easily, turn into resentment, dissolve, be forgotten about. Complacency is a marriage killer. It’s easy to be lazy and forget all the special touches you used to put on everything for each other. It’s easy to stress and lose the fun, the spontaneity, the adventure. I feel pretty freaking lucky I that I still have these things.

He has never let the stress of life overshadow the smallest gesture like reciting a funny line from a movie whilst grabbing my ass.

…and I like him for that.

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