A 2 Year Old’s Daily To-do List

Someone without a lot of kid interaction might think a 2 year olds to-do list would consist of cartoons and chasing butterflies. Let me enlighten you to what their list really looks like.

  1. Eat as many Chap Sticks as humanly possible
  2. Eat Dog Food
  3. Pull on the dog until he/she actually bites
  4. Eat Crayons–all the crayons!
  5. Find any and all sources of water and destroy everything with it
  6. Get mom to kiss my “owie” so many times that she actually calls me out that it never was an “owie” at all
  7. Climb the backs of all the chairs–to the very top
  8. Refuse lunch and dinner but be okay with breakfast…maybe
  9. Eat a poisonous…something and take the leftovers to show mom or Grandma
  10. Slip and fall on nothing and repeat number 6 but this time with an actual owie
  11. Wait until I’m around as many people as possible to pick my nose and eat my boogers
  12. Park the trike directly behind mom’s vehicle in the driveway.
  13. Park the trike so mom has to move it out of the driveway when she gets home.
  14. Rip off the diaper and go rogue. FREE WILLY!
  15. Never Nap again
  16. [napping….]
  17. Remove the couch cushions and…oh yum, cereal and a cheeto!
  18. Dump out every toy bin in the house to look for a button

The list goes on but everyday is a new list so you can never tell what’s new on their agenda. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show because this stuff is more entertaining (and a little stressful) than you thought possible.

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