What I said I would never do, I did…and I love myself for it.

Every time I workout, and am doing a ton of burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, etc… I feel like I am in a movie and the scene will switch any moment, in that moment I look in the mirror and see my face with Demi Moore’s body from GI Jane. That was a great bod she had in that movie. Sadly, when I shower, the change is hard to notice. However, I know that the journey isn’t a half a second scene change, it is months of hard work and dedication.

GI Jane

Now here is the funny thing about my fitness journey, I’ve always said that people who workout are crazy and now that I am one of them, I KNOW they/we are crazy!

It all started in December of 2016. I had an event at this new gym. I thought I better try one of the classes if I wanted to have any sort of street cred in front of the audience. It was 45 minutes of pure hell! It probably didn’t help I was hungover. Really hungover. The event happened and was a great success.

Fast forward 6 months and I am a regular at the 5am “camp”. That also means that I am up around 4am to get ready and get there. Now here is the ironic part, I HATE mornings and working out. Who the hell have I turned into?

…Oh, and in case your curious, still working on the whole GI Jane body thing.

Nonetheless, I keep going. I go because I always feel better once I have done it. I feel like it was 30 (or 45) minutes I had to myself that no one had any say in. I do it because I want to. I chose to. My own will power has amazed me. I was sore for 2 weeks straight when I first started but I was determined that I was going to at least try for the change I wanted so badly. I wanted to say “I tried” even if I didn’t get there right away.

Sometimes, you need some reminders and tools to help if you have fallen into a rut. So, I have a couple other things in my fitness inspiration arsenal like my Pinterest page. I have a board called “Thinspiration”, I have some recipes, exercises, and some pictures of women with bodies I would like mine to look like one day. Here’s one that I specifically envy.


Now I am perfectly aware of what she had to do to get that bod, and those boobs; but how can you not want to look like that? Some of the women I have the privilege of working out with do look like that. They are an inspiration and a motivator to go easy on the fries.

This journey isn’t anywhere close to over but I am in. All in! It’s not for everyone and I get that but just remember, you can start anytime and you can end anytime. It’s all a decision that you make and stick to.

“Fitness is an addiction.” They mean that when they say it. You don’t want to miss a session because everything you worked so hard for can be gone by missing one day, then two, then 7. Before you know it, you haven’t been to the gym in months and all that progress you made was for not. Keep going! One more rep. One more jump. One more burpee. You CAN do it. Physically, give yourself time for your body to adjust and if you have an injury there is mods*for everything.

Go! You can do it and I am proof!


*mods = modifications

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