Post-Holiday Organization: Who am I kidding?!

Christmas is done.   Now we are all left with the aftermath.   My household is littered with new toys and gadgets.  Walking through the living room is only done at our own risk.   My family is essentially being held hostage by clutter. 

There has to be an exit strategy.   It is now time for the great post-holiday organization effort.   It’s really more accurately referred to as the post-holiday organization delusion.  

I go through the motions every year.   I am constantly convincing myself that purchasing the correct kind of storage containers will miraculously cause my messy little family to look HGTV appropriate.   This year is no different.   I will spend the next few days assembling my new storage units and trying to figure out the best ways to utilize what little storage space I have to work with.   

I know how all of this will end.   I will be diligent about remaining organized for a few weeks, at best.   Slowly I will lose my will to fight the forces of disorganization that dwell within my home, mainly my kids.   Eventually I will find myself gazing longingly at the empty containers, wondering how it all went so wrong.   

If there is an honest secret to household organization, I have not discovered it.   The best I can do is buy cute storage containers, at least they will look good empty.   

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