I just want to raise good humans. 

I want the very best for my children.   I want them to be able to achieve whatever goal they will eventually set for their lives. Recently it hit me that I do not care what that goal is,  but I want it to include them being good people. 

The evening before my son’s first day of kindergarten I was asking him what he wanted to be when he grows up.   You know, for one of those obnoxious first day of school signs… I am “that” mom.   Anyway, his answers varied wildly throughout the conversion.   My favorite answer was an “engineering laywer”.  

The more he answered, the more it did not matter.   I looked into his big, kind eyes and prayed for those eyes to never change.   I want his kindness and good heart to grow and never be stifled by adulthood.  

I am an ameture mom, at best.  He is my first child and I have made the most mistakes with him because of my inexperience.   I hope that despite me, he keeps his goodness.   

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