Luke the chicken has the right idea: Let your kids enjoy the dirt.

The above picture is my chicken, Luke, and her seven little Jedi.  Luke is a badass mama who doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  She has successfully raised her littles and defended them from an army of barn cats, a 120lb lab, and my own human littles who want to love her chicken littles to death.  Luke is a mama for other mamas to look up to.

One page of Mrs. Luke’s parenting book, that I have taken to heart, is letting the kids get dirty.  It is pretty common in my household to have the kiddos create their own mud pit and organize a mud-ball fight or two.  There are also some added benefits for myself.

  • Getting dirty allows the kids to have some cheap fun while getting creative.
    • This kind of play costs me a hand full of soap at the end of the day.  I also get to watch the kids come up with new games, sculptures, and ways to convince the other to get even more covered.  There are few things more gratifying than sitting on the porch (drink in hand of course) and watching the chaos unfold.
  • Watching them is free entertainment for me.
    • Toddler mud wrestling should be a sport.  Seriously, watching my kids take each other out can be the highlight of my day.  It is refreshing to enjoy my kids without the noise of a TV or some other form of electronics filtering our genuine family experience.
  • Hours can pass before my kids are ready to get hosed off.
    • And I mean hours.  Keeping my kids busy and active is a priority.  A little mud can go a long way towards achieving that.  It is not unusual for the kiddos to spend the entire day building layer upon layer of dirt on their little bodies.  I have a hypothesis: the thicker the layer of dirt at the end of the day the earlier the bedtime I can pull off.
  • There are health benefits.
    • Woohoo for building healthy immune systems!  Exposure to nature helps to boost their little immune systems into a shield to be reckoned with.  I am sure that the mix of animal droppings and rotting vegetation also contributes to future immunities.

Land the helicopter and let your kids get dirty.  If the most inconvenient part of your day is bathing your kids, you are doing all right.


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