A Love Poem to My Coffee

I get out of bed and stumble into the kitchen

You’re there to greet me, your blue glow bewitchin’

I feed you the K-Kup and a little bit of water

Close the lid and press onto the power

You wind up like a clock and start to drip

You give a mean hiss just before you quit

I grasp the cup and pour the creamer

A hug in a cup, that’s the dream here

I close my eyes and take a small sip

Oh damn! That’s hot! Shit shit shit!

So, I give you some time and I give you some space

We meet again another time, another place

5 minutes go by and you have cooled your jets

I can drink you now without being upset

I savor each drink and each warm moment

Like a best friend or a key component

You saved my sanity helped wake me up

You make me so happy with each perfect cup

The last sip is so good but yet so bittersweet

So I decide that another cup will be just right the treat

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