Being a mom has made me boring.

I randomly discovered an hour of time. The littlest kids were asleep and the oldest wouldn’t be home from school for a bit. The laundry was done, dinner was cooking, and the cleanliness of the house would probably pass a CPS inspection. This was a true hour when I could do anything I wanted. I took full advantage of this opportunity… I sat on the couch and watched part of my DVR backlog.

As I sat, I marveled at how lame my choice for my hour had been. It’s not like I could go out and paint the town red, I get that. But I probably could have figured out something more exciting than taking residency on the couch.

There was a time when I was cool. Ok, maybe not “cool” but cooler than I am now. I always had somewhere to go, something do to, and someone to do it with. Nowadays things are different. I have become a homebody, I actively avoid making plans, and I can go weeks without seeing my closest friends.

The responsibilities of motherhood combined with the stress it causes can erode my energy to a unprecedented level of exhaustion. With this exhaustion I have lost the drive to participate in activities specifically geared towards my personal enjoyment.

I am using this realization as a motivating factor. I need to actively attempt to keep some level of excitement in my life. I encourage anyone who finds themselves in a bit of a boring rut to break the pattern. Let’s all find something we can actually enjoy, even if only in a randomly found hour here and there.

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