4 Styles of Workout Clothes and Who Wears Them


A lot of thought goes into picking out gym clothes. Some of you will think that it is absurd. Others will know it is absurd but agree that you put way more thought into it than you would care to admit. Every gal has her own style but typically it can be summed up into a few different categories; 4 specifically from what I have seen.

The Barbie

Little Miss has all her stuff together. Her makeup is on point as well as her perfectly matched outfit. Even her hair stays in place. Bravo to her for making the rest of us look comparatively like we just came out of World War III after class while she could go brunch immediately following. By the way, we all secretly hate her while wanting to be her at the same time.

The Warrior

This lady you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. She’s rocking the wide headband, army tank, bitchin’ leggings, and 14 thrive patches. She also has bigger arms than your husband. Thighs too. You look up to her for her discipline and compliment her every chance you get so not to get your ass kicked if you ever accidentally got in her way.

The Dubious

She could also be termed as “The Newbie”. This poor soul has no idea that what they are wearing is either the wrong color, wrong fabric, or the wrong size. Their color error is probably wearing a solid grey legging. Grey shows every sweat stain, everywhere. Don’t do it. Their heavy cotton t-shirts are clinging to their body, holding sweat tight and chaffing. It just looks uncomfortable. Get a tech fabric, hun. You will be so much happier. Sizing can be tricky in workout clothes, especially in leggings. When in doubt, size down otherwise you’re going to be hiking up your leggings every other minute. Lastly, remember that LuLaRoe legging are NOT meant for the gym.

The Functional

This lady has nothing to prove and knows her workouts and gear inside and out. She’s one you trust to follow style advice from because she’ll take the guess work out of it. She doesn’t always match but she’s always wearing the right stuff. She kind of has her own style by not trying to have one at all. This is the lady you watch to follow form on during the workout, and for the proper dress code.

Go, YOU!

All in all, kudos to anyone trying to do better by their body for working out and getting healthier. Keep it up!

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