I should be sleeping: Enjoying the quiet of the late night hours.

I have seven more hours.   Seven hours until the sun comes up and the world demands my attention.  I will be forced to perform as an adult on the highest level.   Three kids, the house, the farm, the husband, and work all want me.  They all want all of me.
Here’s the thing.   Right now, I do not care.   I want to snuggle in my blankets, catch up on the news, and online window shop.

I am watching the clock as the minutes go by.  I mentally calculate how much sleep I could get if I fell asleep immediately.  But I don’t put down the tablet.  I have an inner dialogue that is ridiculing me for not going to sleep.  I understand that I will kick myself for this in the morning.  Right now, I do not care.

The late night hours are the only time my world is quiet.   Even when my exhaustion is at its peak, I am hard-pressed to not take advantage of some “me time”.  I am doing nothing of importance.   But that’s the beautiful part, I finally do not have anything of importance that I must attend to.   I am free to browse, meander, and relax.

It is important to value the quiet.  Soak up the moments that do not require critical thinking.   Value yourself enough to put off sleep, even if just for a little while.

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