Fake it until you make: When you have no clue who you are talking to.

Innocent chat. A friendly face approaches you and starts up a conversation. Strangely, this person seems to know a whole lot about you. They ask about how your family is doing, if your still working at the same place, and if that rash ever cleared up. The more they talk the more confused you become over their identity.

For whatever reason your mind decided to not commit this person to memory. You can remember every damn jingle from the 1990s (Sometimes you feel like a nut! Sometimes you don’t!) But this person leaves you at a complete loss.

You get yourself through the conversation one confused smile at a time. You answer in generalities and exaggerated head movements. Your eye contact is fleeting as you are studying that face for recognition that just won’t click.

At one point you start to realize how one-sided the conversation has become and make a tactical decision to try and reverse the line of questioning. You want to throw them off the scent of your baffled state and hope to gather clues about who you are talking to. The conversation has long since past the point where you could ask for identification in any subtle way. You have to resolve yourself to the awkwardness that will taint the conversation and likely the rest of your day.

We’ve all been there. Regardless if the recognition ever comes or not, it is embarrassing to not remember a whole person. This person who actually remembered you and actually wanted to talk to you… unlike your typical moment of recognition followed by multiple maneuvers to avoid eye contact.

Try to appreciate the conversation for what it is, as act of kindness. Then go home and stalk social media in an attempt to not be ambushed again.

2 thoughts on “Fake it until you make: When you have no clue who you are talking to.

  1. I honestly feel there are people out there that pretend to know you just to make you sweat, grin and pretend. They purposefully act the part of the person you are describing and then go home and watch the whole situation on video and laugh while you stalk social media, yet can’t find the damn name or find 1000 of them in your area. Maybe, they even made all those profiles you nw find yourself stalking.. oh the insanity. It happens to me all the time! WTF! Who are you? No, really, do I know you?

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